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Oceanside Pharmacy is the only pharmacy that is present within the Tricity healthcare campus in Oceanside. The owners, Tarun and Anu Wadhwa are a husband and wife team who began this pharmacy with a dream. The dream was to provide a pharmacy that caters to the needs and wants of the Oceanside community. Oceanside Pharmacy would do everything to make sure that our patients get great prices and excellent service.

With unmatched caring and compassion, our pharmacy will make sure you would definitely make us your preferred pharmacy.

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Although we are not that old, It’s satisfying to know that our existing patients are so happy with our service and price that they voluntary get their friends and family to make the switch to come to Oceanside Pharmacy.


Another reason the current owners chose us to call it their home is primarily because of the lack of attention placed on the needs of the people who lived in Oceanside and the nearby areas. The need to offer excellent service is one of the primary driving forces for our pharmacy. Wait times at chain pharmacies are unpleasantly long. This is where we come in and offer our patients with great service at much faster time to fill than any of our competitors.


We can typically fill our patient’s prescriptions in less than 15 minutes.


When it comes to value and price, our pharmacy seeks to deliver superior service while we maintain the competitive price. Oceanside Pharmacy not only matches the prices of large chain pharmacies, but we also beat their cash prices.

Please contact us to learn more, how we can save your money on your medication plan by transferring your prescription to Oceanside.

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