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Online Prescription Transfers to Oceanside Pharmacy, CALIFORNIA

Serving Oceanside and Surrounding Communities

We believe in convenience when it comes to refilling your prescriptions. At Oceanside Pharmacy, we handle your prescriptions with the care that you’ve come to expect, so you can rest knowing that we’ve given you accurate medications and the correct quantity.

It’s easy to get started with Oceanside Rx, even if you are currently filling prescriptions through another pharmacy.

We can work with you to quickly and easily transferring your existing prescriptions to us. Chances are, we’ll find ways to save you money by switching to Oceanside Rx. Get started by requesting a prescription transfer.

You’ll receive a call from us within 24 hours.

Transfer  Rx
Prescriptions to be transferred

If you would like to transfer all prescriptions, simply check the box below

If you would like to selectively transfer prescriptions, please fill out the prescription details below mentioning the prescription name and prescription number from the pharmacy.

Thank you. We will get back to you soon.

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